About Acroyali

Acroyali is one of the leading canned foods manufacturers and exporters in China. Our Plant covers more than 20,000 square meters of land space, and 16,300 square meters of production area.We have two canned foods workshops and one peanut butter workshop,The latest technology and fully new equipment is installed in our plant,we have two automatic peaches pitter lines, the capacity can be more than 100mts per day. With the dedicated team efforts and hard work, the Plant was certified with ISO , HACCP and BRC global standard approvals. We are also Kosher, Halal certified factory. Our plant is 35KM far away from Qingdao Port, and 40KM far away from Qingdao International Airport. We employee more than 300 people in the peak season, and run at a capacity of 100mts per day.

Our main products are :
Canned Fruits: Fruit Cocktail, Mixed Fruits,Peaches, Apricot, Pear,Apple, Cherry,Berries(blueberry,blackberry,raspberry,cranberry, strawberry,mixed berries), Fig...
Fruits Pie Filling and Topping: Red/Dark Cherry,apple,peach, pear, strawberry,pineapple, blueberry,blackberry,raspberry,blackcurrant,lingonberry,mango,kiwi,etc.
Fruit Jam: apple,Apricot,peach, Cherry,strawberry,pineapple, blueberry,blackberry,raspberry,mango,kiwi,Orange, Fig, Field berry, Triple fruits...
Canned Vegetables: Beetroot,Green Asparagus, Mushroom,Mixed Vegetable,Pepper,Green Peas,Sweet Corn,Red kindny beans, white kidney beans,Black kidney beans,baked beans...
Nuts and Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter creamy/crunchy,roasted and salted peanut,braised peanut.

The Can sizes are available from 8oz(227g) to A12 (4.5kgs), Glass jars sizes available from 220ml to 4250ml), Pouch sizes from 113g to 5Kgs.

Acroyali is an 100% exports oriented company with its main markets being the European Union countries, Australia,New Zealand, Middle East, North Africa,South America and Asia countries.We meet our customer's needs in over 45 countries around the world.

Acroyali Jade Food Co.,Ltd is A Member of Acroyali Holdings