BRC Global Standard HACCP ISO9001:2008 Certified Factory

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The factory's administration office, Laboratory,warehouse and production facilities cover an area of 16.300 square meters of buildings. The total surface area of the industrial facilities reaches approximately 20.000 square meters.

Acroyali have two automatic peaches processing lines,the output can be more than 100mts per day. Acroyali have full processing line for fruit cocktail,peach,pear, apple, apricot, cherry,Fruit filling and topping, fruit jams. we have advanced diced machine imported from USA. We have the most advanced automatic retorts for canned vegetables processing in our facotry,The total processing capacity of the cannery reaches 15.000 tons. During peak season ,Acroyali employs a total of 300 workers from the surrounding area making it one of the largest employer in the area.

Acroyali have Peanut Butter processing line
with capacity of 4mts/day.while the factory is working on full capacity 24 hours a day.we produce both retail packing size and industrial packing size.

Acroyali plant was located in the Shandong province, East of China. This area has always been known for its beautiful natural surrounding and resources, especially for the agriculture industry. We have rich materials for Peaches, Pear, Apricot,Apple,Cherry, Asparagus, green peas, sweet corn,mushroomĄ­..

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